Materials of the Workshop on the green projects development and green financing (Almaty, October 29, 2018)


Green Standards Report

There is a vast body of international organisations and networks pushing forward disclosure rules, product standards, investor coalitions and industry networks on green financing. These national, regional and global frameworks support the development of green financial markets.
These frameworks serve a number of functions in the market; increasing transparency, highlighting risk, exchanging ideas, setting rules and defining methodologies for estimating and measuring environmental and social impact of investments. Some frameworks also work to define green standards for the financial markets. Please find the report further… Open report

Review of International Experiences for Green Financial Systems

The purpose of this report is to take stock of the various international developments that are ingredients to building-up a Green Financial System. The stock take will be further analysed  against the Kazakh contect in the project’s further work, and help to define a roadmap for a Kazakh Green Financial System. Open report

Green Finance Brochure 2017

AIFC is planning to develop green financial instruments. Today we see the rapid development and reorientation of the economy towards clean technologies. In this regard, the high-tech platform of Astana Expo-2017 will provide a physical infrastructure for research in the field of green technologies while AIFC can participate in its financial component. Open brochure

Green Finance Workshop Presentations (Astana Economic Forum, June 2017)

Green Financial System for Kazakhstan presentation 

Developing the Kazakh Emissions Trading Scheme Price discovery, liquidity and efficiency (Louis Redshaw, CEO Redshaw Advisors Ltd)

Options for Green Finance Market Development. Lessons from international experience (Iain Henderson) 

The Paris Agreement, climate action and scaling up green finance and investment (Dr Simon Buckle CMG FInstP Head of Climate, Biodiversity and Water Division Environment Directorate, OECD)


Review of the ability and potential of Kazakhstan’s financial sector to support the Paris Agreement

In the face of a growing and more urgent threat of climate change, policy connections have formed between reforms of the financial sector and sustainability. The priorities of harnessing the extensive financial requirements to effectively tackle climate change1, achieving the long-term commitments under the Paris Agreement and re-designing a financial system that is fit for purpose have coalesced around an alignment of the financial sector at a basic level with sustainable development…OPEN Report

Assessment of the appetite and conditions for international financial investors to invest in Kazakhstan’s Green Economy Open report

Appetite of international investors – survey results Open report

Climate and Green Finance MRV Open report

Evaluating the climate finance required for Kazakhstan to meet its NDC and Green Economy targets Open report

Green Definitions and Standards Open report 


Review and Recommendations on Financial Policy, Regulations and Oversight Open Report

Report on setting up an AIFC Carbon Exchange in Kazakhstan Open Report

Roadmap for a Green Financial System for Kazakhstan Open Report

AIFC Green Bond Framework Open Report

Final Report: Green Financial System for Kazakhstan Open Report