Main directions

At the initial stage, the AIFC shall be established as a local centre of expertise with developed capital markets. Then, the AIFC shall transform into a regional platform for financial intermediary and consequently into regional financial centre. At a later stage, it will become a global financial centre.


The role of the AIFC in the government economic policy is to formulate a long-term capital policy by providing a platform for the best management of the sovereign capital and localizing the expertise in financial services.


And the AIFC has full political support as the key instrument to achieve the improvement of local financial system, human and technological capital, and cementing Astana as the financial & logistics hub of the Eurasian region.


The AIFC establishment as a local centre of expertise shall go in hand with the development of local capital markets. That being said, to develop a local capital markets, the focus will be made on increasing the volume and types of government securities and motivating the privatization of state owned enterprises on AIFC Exchange by creating the best platform and framework for issuers and investors.


At the AIFC Exchange a range of financial instruments will be expanded. And that will be done by reducing barriers for foreign investors and gaining their trust, increase a range of available instruments and re-establish financial education program for population.


In a nutshell, AIFC shall become a new home to asset managers, investment and commercial banks, funds, alternative finance and fintech firms.


The 5 core pillars of the AIFC development — Capital Markets, Asset Management, Private Banking, Financial Technology, Islamic and Green Finance — are defined in the AIFC Development strategy approved in May 2016.


And implementation of these 5 core pillars shall position Astana as a main financial centre in the region.


For more information please see the AIFC official website