AIFC legislative base

Astana International Financial Centre was established at the order of the President of Republic of Kazakhstan with a special legal status to be based on the EXPO-2017 International Specialized Exhibition infrastructure.


The Constitutional law that was passed in late 2015 provides a legal basis for AIFC.


The Astana International Financial Centre will provide unprecedented privileges for investors having no analogues in the post-Soviet region:

  • modern infrastructure created on the unique architecture of EXPO-2017 international exhibition;
  • tax exemption for 50 years (corporate income tax on income from financial and auxiliary services, individual income tax, land tax, property tax);
  • free office rent for 2 years;
  • simplified visa and labor regimes for participants and employees of the AIFC;
  • connection of Astana with key financial centers around the world via direct flights.


A key feature of the AIFC is the presence of a separate legal system, based on the principles of Common law, according to which the financial court of the AIFC and International Arbitration Centre will conduct its operations.


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