The GFS project is led by Jan-Willem van de Ven, Head of Carbon Market Development of the EBRD.

Jan-Willem van de Ven

Jan-Willem van de Ven joined the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in August 2003. He is currently Head of the Carbon Market Development. The role includes carbon fund management, carbon asset development, technical assistance, policy dialogue and capacity building.

Jan-Willem has over twenty years of experience in the development of sustainable energy projects from Central America to Eastern Europe. Jan-Willem leads on the development and implementation of various carbon market mechanisms (incl. Joint Implementation, Clean Development Mechanism, Green Investment Scheme and Verified Emission Reduction operations) across the EBRD countries of operation. The greenhouse gas emission reduction projects range from energy efficiency in built environment, renewable energy to industrial scale energy efficiency.

He plays an active role in the international policy dialogue for carbon markets, climate finance and the promotion of energy efficiency and renewable energy. Examples are the Preparedness for Emissions Trading in EBRD Region project in Kazakhstan and Ukraine (see and the Turkish carbon market development ( Prior to EBRD he worked as Innovation Manager with Dutch utility company Essent. He has a M.Sc degree in Technology & Society International Technological Development Science from the Eindhoven University of Technology and a B.Eng in Business Engineering from the Eindhoven Higher Technical School.

The AIFC is represented in the GFS project by:

Aidar Kazybayev — Managing Director

Aidar Kazybayev is a chief coordinator of the GFS Project from the AIFC. Aidar has an 18-year work experience, including 15 years at public service and 12 years in leadership position. He started working at the Strategic Agency of Kazakhstan in 1998, and then worked at the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Kazakhstan. During 2007-2013 Aidar headed the Trade committee of the Ministry of Economy and Budget Planning of Kazakhstan, responsible for the successful promotion of Astana bid to host EXPO-2017 International specialised exhibition, small business development, introduction of thresholds of prices for socially important food products, etc. In 2014-2015 he took the position of the Director of International and Public Relations Department of the National Bank of Kazakhstan. He has a doctoral degree in economics. Aidar has a number of published papers on economics and finance.

Assel Nurakhmetova — Director, Green Finance Department

Assel Nurakhmetova is the GFS Project coordinator from the AIFC. She helps to establish collaboration with the governmental authorities and NGOs in Kazakhstan. Assel has 7 years of work experience in the sphere of politics, trade, economy and finance. She has 5 years of experience in public service and 3 years in leadership position. She worked as a Division head at the National Bank of Kazakhstan, responsible for international cooperation and organisation of international conferences. Previously Assel worked at the Trade Committee of the Ministry of Economy and Budget Planning of Kazakhstan, responsible for the successful bid of Astana to host EXPO-2017 International specialised exhibition. She was awarded with «Bolashak» presidential stipend in 2005 and graduated from Lancaster University in 2009. Assel has several publications on trade policy at the «Exporter» specialised edition.

Aigul Kussaliyeva — Senior Manager, Green Finance Department

Aigul Kussaliyeva is the GFS Project coordinator from the AIFC side. She is strategic and analytical professional with 6 years of success in reporting, analysis and project management in statistics and finance. She has spent the past 4 years as senior expert at the national statistics office, responsible for implementation of 2008 SNA in terms of financial account and balance sheet. Previously, she worked for the Trade Committee of the Ministry of Economy and Budget Planning of Kazakhstan and the Republic Association of Debaters. Aigul has several published papers on economic growth and trade policy topics. She graduated from the Aktobe State University named after K. Zhubanov with bachelor’s degree in economics and completed master’s degree in public policy from the KDI School of Public Policy and Management.

Consultant consortium

GreenStream Network Ltd

GreenStream Network Ltd is a Finnish company offering advisory and financing services as well as asset management services related to renewable energy and energy efficiency activities. GreenStream has a rare combination of broad-based expertise in carbon and renewable energy markets, including emissions trading, policy design and analysis as well as project implementation, resulting in a comprehensive coverage of political, financial and technical aspects. GreenStream has wide experience of working with governments and International Financial Institutions on managing investment vehicles for carbon and renewable energy projects, and providing policy analysis, particularly on market-based instruments for climate change mitigation. GreenStream has offices in Helsinki and Beijing.


Ecofys, established in 1984 with the mission of achieving «sustainable energy for everyone», has become the leading expert in renewable energy, energy and carbon efficiency, energy systems & markets as well as energy and climate policy. The unique synergy between those areas of expertise is the key to its success. Ecofys creates smart, effective, practical and sustainable solutions for and with public and corporate clients all over the world. Ecofys is a leader in quality research and reporting, serving clients in the public sector including governments and related bodies, NGOs, foundations and institutes in developed as well as in emerging economies around the globe. Ecofys has offices in the Netherlands, Germany, UK and Belgium.

EnEco Solutions

EnEco Solutions was established in 2010 by a group of experts in Kazakhstan, with a main task of developing projects in the field of regulation of greenhouse gases and energy efficiency to raise the level of awareness and information concerning the necessity and importance of implementation of international standards, as well as increasing the qualification level of specialists in inventory, verification and energy management. The company is an authorized consultant for the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development in the framework of the Kazakhstani business support program. EnEco is an active member of the Technical Committee of the National Centre for Accreditation and Kazakhstan’s Institute of Standardization.

Catullus Helmer

Catulllus Helmer is the Team Leader. Catullus is a seasoned finance professional with 15 years of senior experience at the intersection of policy and finance. He is Co-Founder and Partner of Enovid LLP, a principal investment and advisory firm focused on high-impact investment projects in the renewable energy and sustainability sectors. Catullus served for 7 years as Senior Advisor to the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, responsible for international economic and financial affairs. Previously, Catullus was an investment banker focused on Mergers and Acquisitions, based in London, Hong Kong and Almaty.

Kristian Brüning

Kristian Brüning is the Green Finance Expert in the project. Kristian is the co-founder and director of Climate Wedge Limited Oy. His nationality is Finnish. Kristian has 18 years of professional experience in carbon, climate and clean energy finance, financial consulting and energy technologies. He is a financial expert with a strong focus on developing green investment vehicles driven by new environmental standards and mechanisms. Kristian specializes in innovation Green Finance instruments, in particular green bonds and asset securization. He currently serves as a Senior Advisor to the Climate Bonds Initiative on the development of a Science and Technology Framework for the Climate Bonds standard.